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J. Michael Wood Joins Firm Thumbnail

J. Michael Wood Joins Firm

“We have spent the last 2 years strategically planning to add to our advisory team a person with the right combination of experience, technical knowledge, an inherent commitment to client care, and dedication to the communities in which we live and serve. We have found that in...

Road to Perdition Thumbnail

Road to Perdition

Since the job market is already tight, the economy isn't likely to see an immediate surge in hiring due to infrastructure spending; however, some reports suggest ~800,000 new jobs could be added by 2030, though many of them will be temporary rather than long-term jobs. And there is also the ongoing question of will people return to work?

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Peak Inflation Thumbnail

Peak Inflation

The blaring stories about high inflation are inescapable after last week’s shockingly strong inflation report. We wrote about surging prices spreading to more and more everyday products, which undercuts the “transitory” narrative. Still, we recognize that the pandemic re-opening period has no historic parallel to help guide forecasts.

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