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I'm Worried About My Money

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Lets Talk About Risk

Lets Talk About Perspective

Getting Beyond The Virus, Poised For Recovery

by Sean M. Bennett, President + CEO Asset Integration Consultants
Faced with a global pandemic, we are able to draw on our Global Resources. Utilizing our relationships with research firms and analysts across the globe, we are able to gain important perspectives that we can apply to your specific financial situation. In fact, just yesterday... Read More

Epidemics and Stock Market Performance

One concern of investors today is how the stock market will be impacted by a major epidemic or outbreak. We  look at the historical performance of the S&P 500 Index during several epidemics over the past 40 years... Read More

The High Cost of Cashing Out

When the stock market takes a dip, moving to cash can be a tempting option for investors seeking a respite from volatility. However, cashing out of a declining market could come at a cost... Read More

Profit From Patience

If history is any guide, short-term drops in the stock market typically have been followed by longer-term rallies... Read More

Lets Talk About Goals

Track Your Success To Goals Not Stock Market

During times of economic and investment market volatility, we often make the mistake of linking the daily values of the Dow Jones Industrial Average our financial success. Markets go up, and markets go down, sometimes violently. But temporary gains and losses to not make or break a well designed plan. A better approach is aligning investment solutions with investor goals, investors have a better opportunity to measure the actual “real world” outcomes they seek... Read More

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